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Sausages (Lugàneghe)

Salsicce di maiale

Sausage is anything but a trivial product. Casa Cason’s sausages are made with the red parts of pork meat selected with skill and care, to release flavours and aromas of the good old times

During our history, we have been producing so many sausages, that we have developed special recipes as, for instance, the “pepper sausage”, the “onion sausage” as well as sausages with pumpkin and “radicchio di Treviso”.

Pork chops (Brasòe)

Pork chops

Lean young pork meat gives soft and savoury chops.

At Casa Cason, we pay much attention to meat hanging because only this process – which requires time before the meat is sold – gives a soft fiber, with a high level of proteins and delicate to taste.

Spare ribs (Sparagagna)

Spare ribs

The perfect mixed grill requires a “chubby” spare rib with a right balance of fats that protects and enhnance the taste during the cooking.

Casa Cason takes special care of these aspects and can advise you, as well as selling the most suitable meat cuts for succsessful courses.

Lonza (Lonsa)

Lonza di maiale

The lonza is the classic pork chop. The taste of this lean meat cut is enhanced by top quality raw material.

In order to emanate its taste and retain its properties during cooking, the meat fiber must be tender and solid against the blade.
The pigs chosen for these fresh meat cuts must have specific muscle growth properties because meat cuts as lonza immediately underline their possible limits.

At Casa Cason we know and take care of the fostering chains and we are ready for the test, the “lonza test”.

Pork shank

Stinco di maiale

The strong taste of pork meat are represented by this classical cut.

The flavour of our pork shank meat, masterly roasted in your oven, is enhanced with the right balance of spice. It is a typical winter course, that is best appreciated with a good beer.

Stew (Spessatin)

Spezzatino di carne fresca

Casa Cason selects carefully the meats for a tasty stew.

The right balance of lean and mixed meat lends the dish a complete and fanciful taste.

Meat mince (Tastasałe)

Macinato di carne fresca

The pork meat mince that we produce from our pigs is a perfect ingredient for tasty sauces and excellent stuffing.

Chicken (Połastro)

Pollo ruspante

Our farm yard chicken meat completes Casa Cason’s offer.

White meat from farm yard free-range that ensure your course have a good-old-times flavour. Corn mush and chicken – a typical dish of our tradition – is the right occasion for you to try our chicken and savour its delicious taste.

Frendship gift basket

Cesto regalo

Cesto dell’Amicizia

Antonella will prepare the most delicious gift basket for you, with the delicacies that you prefer.
In the basket that you see in the picture, you will savour ham steak, sopressa, bacon, cotechino, sausages, red wine, a kaleidoscope of marinated vegetables, radicchio patê.

The Count’s basket

Cesto regalo

The Count’s basket

Antonella will prepare the most delicious gift basket for you, with the delicacies that you prefer.
In the basket that you see in the picture, you will savour speck, sopressa, salami, cotechino, sausages, red wine, peppers and marinated friggitelli (small mild peppers for frying).

A Natale scegli un regalo genuino e saporito

Casa Cason propone “Sapori in dono” perché conosce l’arte di un regalo sempre gradito.
Per tutte le occasioni che prevedono un omaggio originale, un presente di sicuro apprezzamento, “Sapori in dono” sono l’ideale.
Le nostre confezioni, in varie misure, contengono il meglio dei nostri prodotti di salumeria, in abbinamento a verdure tipiche del territorio e vini di aziende agricole selezionate.

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