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Casa Cason

The art of making
cold cuts comes from
many slices ago.

About Us

Famiglia Cason

Genuine family passion

To guarantee the effectiveness of our work, there is nothing like putting faces to names and we are pleased to do so.
All what we create is the product of our hands, but our passion comes from our hearts.

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The ingredients of quality

At Casa Cason, we raise pigs of Italian breed since they have a minimum age of nine months.
We manage all their life periods with selected diets, in supervised pig barns…

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Around Veneto

Casa Cason takes part in traditional local markets and street markets to showcase its cold cuts while meeting people. Each event is a chance to make people taste a slice of congeniality when they pass by our stand.

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Our production chain

The processing chain for Casa Cason’s products is short and completely under control. We raise pigs in our barns, taking care of them for a serene life without stress, Meat curing takes place in our new workshop while aging occurs in dedicated rooms

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A Natale scegli un regalo genuino e saporito

Casa Cason propone “Sapori in dono” perché conosce l’arte di un regalo sempre gradito.
Per tutte le occasioni che prevedono un omaggio originale, un presente di sicuro apprezzamento, “Sapori in dono” sono l’ideale.
Le nostre confezioni, in varie misure, contengono il meglio dei nostri prodotti di salumeria, in abbinamento a verdure tipiche del territorio e vini di aziende agricole selezionate.

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